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Who are you guys? How come the pages are mostly text with none of those fancy graphics, search engines, and Java Applets that take forever to download? Why don't you take Credit Cards? Can I send a personal check? Can I get a soundbite before I buy? What is the 47th Prime number? Is there life on Mars?
We started Baba Luba in January 1995. More and more of the "Mom & Pop" record stores were closing, forced out by the major Washer/Dryer/Electronics Department stores that were undercutting them on the latest Phil Collins CD. Good for those of you who wanted to save $1 on Phil. Bad for those of us who relied on the Mom & Pops to bring musical diversity to the community. Local record show vendors of electronic music disappeared soon after. If you have a good local store, SUPPORT IT WITH YOUR PURCHASES! If they don't have what you're looking for, maybe we can help. We are committed to bringing you the best deals we can get on Electronic Music of all types and genres, with reasonable shipping prices. In fact, our price of $1.75 for a single CD breaks down as follows: $1.53 for U.S. Postage, and $.26 for the envelope, yep, we just rounded up the penny for convenience. We have tried to keep the Web Pages as simple and straightforward as possible to minimize your download times. In the coming months we will try to organize the genres a little better, and get keywords hooked in to help with searches for specific artists and titles. We do NOT have Credit Card capabilities because it would add about $1.50 per CD for us to carry a service. ( Oh, so that's why some places charge in excess of $4.00 for shipping, or charge more for the CD's in the first place! ) So you will need to send us a check or money order. Yes, personal checks ARE o.k., but we will wait for them to clear before sending your order. Please, Email us first if at all possible, if we are out of stock we can reorder and have it here by the time we get your check. If you don't see it listed, email us anyway. The odds are pretty good we can get it if it is still in print. We can even get hold of some out of print stuff through our contacts and friends. Unlike some of the big outlets, we LISTEN to Ambient, Dance, Experimental and Electronic music. It is on 24 hours/day here at the LubaLounge, - I fall asleep at night to Deep Ambient. We want to be your source for electronic music and we want your feedback too. If you disagree with some review we wrote, write us and we'll post your opposing view. If you want to hear some soundbites, we'll email you a sample or two, or point you to a site that has some posted already. There is so much great music out there, it is our hope that we can save you money so you can afford more of it! Oh yeah, and..."These pages look best with Microsoft Internet Explorer" (Even though Netscape may be a better product) because it was just easier to do that way and it doesn't look TOO bad with Netscape, just use Explorer if you want to see Bold on the Artists and Titles in the Price list.
Bob & Ray - Baba Luba
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