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New Arrival, A Must Have !!!!
Anger of the Lamb

Price :$9.00

Review: You like it a bit industrial? Perhaps with a little meaning behind the mosh? Well you've really got to check out Anger of the Lamb's first album, "Introvert". Rarely do we hear a first effort with so much attention to detail, from the impeccable care of each sample and musical hook right on through to the mix. Of course, it doesn't mean much if the songs don't bring it all together - well, no worries here. All these compositions will knock you out of your chair, and all are equally at home in your headphones or played as loud as your landlord will allow on your stereo. But make sure you check it out with headphones, at least once, don't miss a bit of all that's on offer here! Seriously folks, this album made it on my all-night-listening loop for quite awhile - it's so good it bumped all my ambient favorites off the night stand. You can get some more background at the Anger of the Lamb website. Brian James Snell is the man behind the music, and he's got a real gem here. If you liked Trent's "Pretty Hate Machine" and wanted a whole lot more from "The Fragile", then do yourself a huge favor and pick this up now. The only thing you'll want is MORE Anger of the Lamb as Introvert's final soundscape fades.


Latest FAX Release!!

Album : Pete Namlook and DJ Dag - Adlernebel 

Price: $13.50  

Notes :Since 1999 DJ Dag and Pete Namlook worked on this album. It combines the strength of two trance-veterans who are symbols of different paths in trance.While DJ Dag concentra-tes more on the club oriented trance sound, Pete Namlook was more into the compositio-nal work of trance and environmental/ambient music. Their joint forces show that the spirit of their Trance paths will never die. This release is a combination of Trance , Ambient and Space Music never heard before. You can dance .. you can listen at home to it .. it never looses its power and still each track transmitts a message directly to your mind and body.

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